Thinking Day On The Air


T.D.O.T.A. 2010

Makaton in foreground with ATV and SSTV at the back Brian M6LZX explaining PSK31 to some visitors
Rob M1BYQ on 80m with Brownie watching
GB3GG on the internet and 
Andrew M0OOO in background
Steve explaining Morse Code   designing cards and having a good time
    "Aunty" Jean M6EJP our catering manager
G0MNI with his favorite meal watched by 
Adam M6GRN
Adam M6GRN & Ryan M6FFS keeping the 
halyards from snagging
Brian M6LZX rolling up a diapole
Most of the gang who made the weekend a success
Steve (we will get him licensed)
lowering one of the support masts 
QSL card making   Morse Code
The station had the call of GG100LNG as an extra special event station celebrating 100 years of the guide movement this call sign is allocated to the county for use at any event celebrating the centenary for which we put an Amateur Radio Station on between Sept 2009 and Oct 2010