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A brief history

This station has been taking part in J.O.T.A. for quite a few years mainly from Cherry Garth but also from other locations in 1990 the station ceased to take part until 1993 when a Radio Scouter with help from some of the local hams tried a station we had 2 scouts and 4 radio amateurs the following year we had 30 scouts and guides and 1 radio amateur then in 1996 we had 130 scouts and guides attend the weekend & a team of Ventures and Rangers who helped with all the badge requirements that the radio opps couldn't. From 1998 Leaders from the Cub Section have put on non radio forms of communication such as Finger spelling, Secret writing, Fax machine and emergency telephone procedures. The event is organized by The Grimsby & Cleethorpes Scout Active Support Radio Scouting Team 

Some of the activities that take place during a typical weekend are `Hunt the lost leader' radio direction finding, `Morse code' using Morse keys and buzzers,

rttyImitation RTTY station 2 x 386 laptops linked together using HamCom software, 4 laptop PC's using Digipan to simulate live PSK31 contacts.  
`Slow Scan TV' receiving pictures off the radio, and all the normal badge work associated with the scouts and guides communicators badges.
as well as the Cub communicators badge


JOTA 1996 showing 4th CLee Scouts and 4th Clee Guides

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Next J.O.T.A is on 
Sat 17th Sun 18th October 2020

email: gb2gcs.jota(at)

This Year we are looking for sponsorship to help cover the cost of the building and materials that we use also 

Thanks also to GARS who have in the past loaned us the use of a 20' mobile tower and a FT1000MP

    IF you have any old laptops that your company are looking to donate to a good cause (pref with sound in/out) then we would be very interested in these to replace the existing pcs that we use any help much appreciated




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