NepalNepal Venture 1990    nepal venture 1990

The main aims of the expedition were to provide fresh water, a shelter for porters ( who are considered the lowest of the low ), provide solar power cells as alternative power, educational books, help with the rebuilding of the Tangboche' monastery and to improve the radio operations between 2 hospitals Kundhi and Pherashe' ( 8 miles apart ). We were successful in only 3 of these tasks, Due to public holidays all the equipment that should have traveled with us actually arrived in Katmandu when we returned from Sagamatha national park. :-(

Tasks completed:-) These were the porters lodge (under the main roof support is a 5p) and above the door is a wooden plaque painted by Andy Lund

Fresh water supply obtained by forcing a plastic pipe into anplaque existing spring to keep a supply clear for humans and a supply for animals. Clearing rubble for foundations for the new monastery court yard and provided aerials for the hospitals.

Pete Backhouse and myself were responsible for the antennas these were hand made at each location khundi hospital and an earth grounding was laid in the shallow earth outside the buildings, At Khundi this was all done in 2 days . when we got back to the base camp at Tangboche' there was a surprise birthday party waiting for me as the sherpas had baked a chocolate cake with my name on it and Mingma had written a message in perfect English for me.


Here are some more photos taken during the expadition
lukla pasang namc
he bazzar tangboche monistery window
Lukla air-strip looking towards the vally. Pasang and her toy Namche Bazzar village Tangboche Monistery viewed from the camp site View down from the window of the Tangboche monistrey window
Pete antenna snow bound his pride and joy gable end
Pete fixing the Lama's radio The flag pole at Khundi which also serves as the ariel support (full size Diapole 80mtrs) 11th Oct 90 happy birthday me and this is what I wake up to ( Ventures1 Monks andothers 0, snowball fight, 15 of us and loads of them) (the yellow tent)Nuru's pride and joy which he won in a compertion the porters lodge starts to take shape with the gable end completed
inspection the yak hotel glacial hole kala patar
Pete inspects the ground conditions at the back of Pherisha hospital ready for laying earthing wires YES! we have contact with Khundi, me on the mic Some of the Sherpas out side the Yak Hotel A large hole in the Glacier at Loberche there was also an Ice cave. The long trek to the topof Kala Patar 5055m
the a team sherpa team the Doc
Me on top of Kala Patar with Mt Everest in the background All of the Phase 1 team after being presented with scarfs from the Lama at Thangboche The Sherpas who helped us and cooked for us during the 6 weeks that we were in Nepal. Heres Carol our Aussie Doc with her official t-shirt.