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Hello and welcome to my life I was born in 1963 in the town of Grimsby .

I have also been to Nepal as part of an Expedition organized by the Humberside Scouts at flagthe request of Sir Edmund Hilery,` 6 fantastic weeks of getting to know the locals as well as providing new aerials for 2 of the hospitals. I have had quite a few other activities to keep me occupied such as having been in the Grimsby Gang show which is a variety show put on by Scouts and Guides, and a member of the Grimsby Scout Fellowship.

I have been in scouting since I was 9 yrs old when 7thwhen I joined 7th Cleethorpes and progressed up through the group until I held the position of Cub helper (16yrs old)

28thI later moved to 28th Grimsby and became an Assistant Scout Leader (18 yrs old), Venture Scout Leader ( 21 yrs old),  and also A Group Scout Leader which I did for 5 years before joining the
Scout Fellowship Now called Scout Active Support

In 2002 I was made an affiliate member (Adult Support) of Guiding attached to Cleethorpes division 

Now have the 10yrs Service Award  


At the 2011 St George's Day parade I was presented with the Medal of Merit for outstanding service to

I am also active in amateur radio and hold the call sign G0MNI. (G6MHY)

but my main hobbies are Glass Engraving which I demonstrate around the country and Amateur Radio which help to keep me involved in the scout movement.

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