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J.O.T.A. 2013

Andy G0MNI having a go at Nano-wave
This Year we had an unusual opperator
from the local Ranger Unit
AKA Tuff Duck
Poor Dave M6DCS on the receiving end
Sue M6SSD & Steve M6SBE calming their nerves 
before the onslaught
Bri M6LZX warming up the TS-140s on 40m Pete G1NDH on PSK31
Jean M6EJP (Aunty Jean to those who know her)
in the kitchen getting a meal ready for the team
The Mayor Peggy Elliott & Consort Steve Elliott 
of North East Lincolnshire Council 
with a Beaver 
passing a greetings message on VHF
Shirley (our Treasurer) with Councillor 
Martin Vickers
Our signing team
Dave & Margaret
from Grimsby & Cleethorpes District
Scout Active Support
The station this year was attended by a total of 111 people