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J.O.T.A. 2012

Donna + beaver with Andy (G0MNI) 
& the Mayor of NELC talking to Konigswinter 
via Echolink through GB3GY   
She did very well :-) Donna + Beaver with Rob (M1BYQ) on 40m
Aidan (M6UTD) + a Cub with Sue (M6SSD)
using Makaton
Aunty Jean (M6EJP)

cutting a cake :-)

Sue (M6SSD) with Brian (M6LZX) 
watching PSK on 20m
a Cub with Aidan M6UTD basic computers Cub + Beavers with Ian learning Secret Writing Scout & Cub with Sue 
Cubs with Rob
Sue (M6CBP) with 2 Cubs (they were cold)
Cub with Brian
Brownies on the Sunday morning with Sue
Beavers with Sue and
 Brownies in the background 
(making QSL cards)
with Naomi (M6NEA)
Er? 3 big kids 
A guider, a young leader & Shirley our treasurer
Our signing team
Dave & Margaret
from Grimsby & Cleethorpes District
Scout Active Support
The station this year was attended by a total of 96 people