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J.O.T.A. 2011

Emma getting a hug of the teams Aunty Jean M6EJP    Brian M6LZX,Walt M6TCL & Steve M6SBE Steve M6SBE with a Brownie Guider
Andy G0MNI trying to operate the ATV  Sue getting QSL cards designed Emma with Shirley (our Treasurer)
Sue M6SSD & Aidan M6UTD doing the Makaton Andy G0MNI, Kev 2E0JKY + Brownies on HF The 13cm & 23cm ATV antennas 
HF Vertical
Trailer Mast with tri band
collinear and anchor points for
2 of the HF antennas
supports for the G5RV
The station this year was attended by a total of 166 people