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J.O.T.A. 2009

Andy & Steve attaching a 20db 13cms dish ready for a 23cms Yagi to go underneath with an 18db 13cms yagi to go under that for the ATV Psk31 demo setup Morse code
Sue sorting out the drinks order Brian M6LZX with the Mayor & Consort of NELC
Trailer Mast with tri band
collinear and anchor points for
4 HF antennas
TS2000e running PSK31 on 40m and APRS on 2m
Steve watching the psk31 on the TS-140
Rob M1BYQ untaffling some spagetti
Brian M6LZX "will this also do the Sunday roast??"   "Aunty" Jean our catering manager
  some of the diehards looking shattered on the Sunday  
The station this year was attended by a total of 129 people
32 Beavers, 49 Cubs, 2 scouts, 27 leaders 16 Guide Association  
and 3 others.