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J.O.T.A. 2009

Kev M6JKY on the Jota teams TS2000e on 80m Psk31 demo setup Morse code
building a kit Brian M6LZX with Cubs
Trailer Mast with tri band
collinear and anchor points for
2 of the HF antennas
TS2000e running PSK31 on 40m and APRS on 2m
Andy G0MNI, Matt M6MJA & Adam M6GRN 
setting up the psk31 demo
Rob M1BYQ on Echolink
Brian M6LZX's turn on 80m Sue with some early arrivals "Aunty" Jean our catering manager
Setting up the Saturday buffet for all the leaders and staff Steve, Trevor G3RGC & Albert checking the kits
The Mayor of North East Lincolnshire
Presenting Brian with his Badge and necker 
and Jean with her necker for all the years she has been 
catering for us
followed by Steve Sue
Albert Ian
and Shirley (who couldn't make the Saturday
so she got it on the Sunday) for their long service to
An unexpected visitor Sally M3KTQ and her horse Maybon who is also CRB'd
The station this year was attended by a total of 133 people
23 Beavers, 34 Cubs, 4 scouts, 18 leaders 39 Guide Association  
and 8 others.




 Stations Contacted in 2009