Andy G0MNI

Amateur Radio (or Ham)



Hello I have been interested in Amateur Radio since 1981 when I attended the local JOTA station as a Venture Scout.

I passed the RAE in 1982 and was issued by the Home Office (Now Ofcom)  the call sign G6MHY on 21st September of that year. In 1989 took the 12 word a minute Morse Code test so that I could operate on the HF bands and was issed with the callsign G0MNI.

My first HF radio was a Yaesu FT707 with FP707 power supply, FC707 ATU & FTV707 2m transverter

I also had a Trio TR2400 Handheld

my very first Shack

My First Radio Shack was a cupboard at the top of the stairs

The C64 was used for RTTY and Packet QSO's




over the years I have had many radios mainly Yaesu but also Kenwood and Icom my present home station is an IC-7100 for D-star and HF

and in the Car I have a FTM400 which I use for GB3GY Fusion and APRS

Beside that there is an IC-5100 for D-star

old car setup

This was my old set up of a FTM350 Garmin 350 and IC2820

In order to operate a radio in the Amateur radio bands HF 137khz - 30Mhz, 6mtrs 50 - 52Mhz, 4mtrs 70 - 70.2Mhz, 2mtrs 144 - 146Mhz and 70cms 430 - 440Mhz (there are higher bands but these are not as easily accessable) you need to have a valid Amateur Radio License anyone who operates a radio with out a valid license for the frequencies (sometimes called channels) runs the risk of a 12 month prison sentance, a maximum fine of 250,000 and the confiscation of all equipment including vehicles as deemed appropiate by Ofcom

Amateur Radio operators who experiance any interferance to the Amateur Radio Service can report it to Ofcom using this link

for info on how to gain an Amateur radio license please click here or for info on local Amateiur Radio Foundation Course visit G7EOG


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