Founding. Weekend. On. Air.

celebrating the founding of the Boys' Brigade movement by Sir William Alexander Smith

on the 4th October 1883


3rdó4th October 2009

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Members of The Grimsby and District Battalion set up an Amateur Radio station to celebrate the founding of the Boys' brigade in 1883


Over the weekend the lads were able to contact a number of amateur radio stations but unfortunately they were the only UK Boys' Brigade station operating but they did contact Bermuda via Echolink  


Can the event take place this year? well that's up to the Battalions, Districts or Companies who want their voice heard and their existence known

 Getting involved with the Founding weekend isn't as hard as it sounds all you need is a location, some radio hams and your group.


So what do you need to do
Step 1, As soon as possible Contact your local Amateur Radio Club these can be found on or your local library may have details .
The reason for doing this is that they will be able to advise you on space required to set up a station allowing for the aerials and which local amateurs would be willing to put on the station some clubs have a dedicated team for special events and so have plenty of equipment.
This will also give them time to apply for the special call sign that will allow the Boys to pass greetings messages to other stations over the radio
Step 2, Find a location following the advice given by the Radio club/Radio Amateur,
This could be your assembly hall (don't forget to book it)
Step 3, Inform your members /arrange a visit to your group by 1 of the radio hams so that they can give the members a taster ( amateur radio isnít just the use of a radio they can also send pictures and use computers as well)  
    Also don't forget to invite some local dignitaries such as your local Mayor and any Battalion committee members (Its amazing how much they get forgotten about) as well contacting the local press, TV and Radio Stations as this is about publicizing The Boys Brigade Movement (obtain parental permission for photographs/TV appearances for your members if not already done so)
Step 4,     If possible try to either include the radio station as part of a larger event or arrange extra activities that  fit in with the theme of the event making use of any skills that your leaders/ senior boys may have, this will allow the radio operators to concentrate on giving the boys as many chances of passing greeting messages as possible while also ensuring that the other leaders see that this is your company's/battalion's event (for suggestions and inspirational help if required contact the email address below)
Step 5,    1 month before the event REMIND the members, check your list of invited people to check you haven't missed someone
Step 6,    1 week Remind them again
Step 7,    Attend the event and enjoy meeting people from around the world  
125th celebration event GB125BB
A DVD of the 125th celebration event is available for £5, £4 of which goes to the St Andrew's Hospice Grimsby, to order 1 please email gb125bb.dvd(at)
Radio Clubs looking for their local BB Company or Battalion can click here
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